Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Magnificent Seven!

I love Custom Corps. In the year or so since Custom Corps I, I have been on the lookout for any Custom Corps I could pick up from other fans.

My initial two figures were Dokoroum and the Granthan Corps Govurom - a true sign of how random these are, because if Onell was hooking anyone up, they would probably make sure you didn't get two of the same character.

Insectivos and Waldernost came from a fellow October Toys board member as a direct sale, and Standard Govurom on the left and Raider Sarvos came through a trade with another board member. The Dark Govurom on the right of the pic holding the Granthan body is a custom version with the Granthan head (very similar in paint jobs), and the lemon-drop Govurom on the right was offered to me by a reader of this blog.

I think I have had my fill of Custom Corps I - but if any readers ever want to get rid of some, let me know! Or, whoever has number 15 (green Govurom head with a yellow body) - please send me a pic of it for the official checklist - that is one of the few we never got pics of.

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