Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Grim Squad!

It was only this past week that the first major drop occurred at
Before then, there were a few figures available from Rawshark, but not that many.
The first releases were Sentry Sarvos and Red Guardian Pheyden.
But the next releases heralded the coming of Callgrim to the Glyos universe: the Grim Squad Buildmen.

In my take on the storyline, Callgrim is a heroic robotic being, that may or may not be a Sincroid, who fights against the Sentry Sarvos invasion. But, he is destroyed by the machinations of the evil Red Scar Pheyden, his body left to rot on a barren planet.

Callgrim was surprised to find his mind awake again after that horrific destruction of his body. A helmeted figure stood over him, repairing his mangled being in a laboratory. But something had happened to Callgrim's mind while he was shut down - a previous version of his memory loaded. Something deep inside unblocked from the dark recesses of time. As soon as he was able, Callgrim took his damaged body and escaped from the lab.

On an unfamiliar planet, he quickly disguised himself and looked for a place to complete the repairs on his mechanical parts himself.

He would find something that would guide his existence for a number of years in a storage warehouse: a shipment of unused Buildman Gendrones.
Callgrim stayed in hiding for a number of days, but no one came to the warehouse. It was then that his repairs began in earnest.
He repaired his body and covered it in a dull grey paint. Then he went to work on his first trooper, who he would come to know as Reaper.
Callgrim and Reaper are shown here together.

Together, they escaped the planet in a stolen ship, with Callgrim knowing that he would need time to execute his complete plan. Working as a mercenary for hire, Callgrim and his minions, known as the Grim Squad, participated in a number of events that occurred in the Glyos system.
Eventually, Callgrim would grow tired of being the only one of his kind, and he constructed a new being in his own image...but that is another story.

The life span of a Grim Squad member can vary. Most of the members are Gendrones or cyborgs, as denoted by their ridged head marked with two large eyes.

Sometimes, a Metran or other humanoid being will join the Squad. They rarely last.

In his quest, Callgrim came across technology that allowed him to resurrect and regenerate dead beings - that he could then control.

A Pheyden known in his living years as Midnight Fire was killed in action. But Callgrim found his body and made him into a mechanical monstrosity.

Later, he found the entities known as the Shadow Squad, and bent them to his will.

The Grim Squad met its demise on planet...

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