Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Hole Threat Spreads! Metran specialist deployed!

The threat of the Sentry Sarvos has spread.
The development of a more powerful Goliath Sarvos has allowed them to finally beat Red Guardian Pheyden and the Scar Pheyden from the black hole.

With leadership from a renegade Scar Pheyden, they have dealt with their opposition and moved out into the greater Glyos system.
Now, the Metran government has sent one of their specialists to deal with the situation:

G'paclidre, the Metran Wolf.

With a specialized weapon system that can be a wing-pack:

Or heavy assault cannons:

The Metran government expects this problem to be dealt with post-haste.

But there was one wild-card they did not expect to deal with...


In his new Dyna-Powered mode, Skull Pheyden has been sighted in the area of the Sentries' latest rampage. Whose side is he on?

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