Thursday, December 24, 2009

Custom Corps Customs! And more customs

I love the Custom Corps. Not so much the idea of a limited edition figure, but the designs that were created. So, I decided that I was going to replicate the ones I wanted that I could not get.
If the appropriate parts were not available, I would sub some in. Here are some of those customs:

The glow guy with the face coloring! He does not have the clear coat of the original, and I subbed in purple guns to give him a different feel, but I'm happy with it.

The Visitor! I skipped the pure lizardy eyes like the real Custom Corps had, and subbed in Callgrim leg parts.

Tracker Sarvos! Loved this one, but there is no chance to the get the original, so I painted one up. It is not completely done - I have to retouch the red parts, I think.

This is not from the Custom Corps - it was an experiment in adding detail lines to a Crayboth that was GITD (I saw someone on the forums had a similar idea concurrently). I imagine that he has just been tearing through the green walls of his nest, and is covered in goo.

Phase Hunter and a Grim Squad Phaseguard!
I wanted to build some of the unique Phase Arm creations from the Onell blog, but my Phase Arm inventory is limited - hence the color substitutions on these guys.
The colors I used on the Phase Hunter remind me of something...can you help me identify it? Not the trans-green parts, but the rest of the colorway.

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Anonymous said... it the Protectobot leaderHot Spot? The red/blue/black remind me of him.