Monday, November 23, 2009

Monster Fight!

There has been some discussion recently on the forums about larger creatures and kits for Glyos - here are some reasons why you won't see it any time soon.

I was putting together a basic photostory for something I was thinking about - the Biotron analouge I created (in all glow, due to lack of parts in the correct colors) versus the standard and Shadow Villser, and the BioClone!
Look at these guys. They require upwards of 15 torsos to create (some as many as 30 torsos). So it would be costly to sell a set of these, because Onell can't just separate out out the torsos to sell you.

BioPheyden confronts the Villser who transformed him.
But Glow-B.Tron saves him.

The battle is on! Since the corrupting touch of the Villser does not work on non-biological material, Glow-B.Tron battles them until the end!

A close-up of the Villser.
If you need help with the instructions to build one of these, let me know! And if someone wants to do Lego-style instructions, get in touch.


Monsterforge said...

These are truly impressive builds!

John K. said...

Thanks! I wish they were originals - but I love the Onell designs so much, I had to have them.

I need to post my Claw Crawler...not too many more of the Onell originals to go, really.