Monday, October 12, 2009

UPDATE! Custom #50B - ?

A while back, I did a post on a custom that involved the Scar Pheyden head, when there was no official Scar Pheyden or storyline involving him.

But now that we know some of the story behind his creation (see the Passcode game "Ghosts of Nemica" on the main Glyos site), I have created a custom storyline that revolves around this character.

In the Glyos universe, we meet Scar Pheyden before he is actually created. Why the universe has allowed this paradox to exist, and where the "future" version of Scar Pheyden is located when his actual creation of Nemica occurs is unknown, but the "future" version showed up in two distinct looks - one of them a striking orange, with blue boots and gloves. During one particularly difficult adventure, Scar Pheyden discarded this outfit for one closer to his original creation garb.

The outfit lay in a discarded fashion in a remote place on a planet in the Glyos system, empty.

Until it wasn't.
Then a new Scar Pheyden emerged. He examined his surroundings, his mechanical eyes focusing on the world. Removing a temporal measurement device from his belt, this Scar noted that he had arrived in the correct time. But would he be able to finally beat the Pheydens and allow the rise of the Sincroids?

Oh yes - this is no ordinary Pheyden - it is a true EXELLIS from another timeline, merged with a Scar Pheyden.

Meet "Scar Pheyden" Exellis. Pray he does not succeed.

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