Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now he can be revealed - the missing original Pheyden - SKULL PHEYDEN

YES! At last.

For the fans of Glyos who have been here since close to the beginning (a time I term SDCC 2007 - NYCC 2008), you might recognize the guy in the middle. And newer fans who have been asking questions about things on the official blog that only show up once - meet one of the first.

In the early days of the Glyos blog and buying Glyos (was anyone officially collecting them at that point?), pictures would pop up here and there of the new releases and potential new releases. The early days were heady ones - no one really knew if this Glyos thing was taking off or what. There was very little official information other than the blog.
Being the obsessive-compulsive type that I am, I started to study those early pictures to see what the "complete" Glyos collection was. Little did I know what I was starting.

You see, there were many figures that were one-of-a-kind in those early pictures - but it didn't say that. It was just "whoa! Look at that Pheyden/Excellis/Voss figure! How can I gets me one?"
So in one of those original posts, which was mostly about MicroExellis, there was one picture that depicted this gray and purple Pheyden, with no name or anything. The gray color of the figure would later be known as Standard Sarvos colors, and the purple Standard Exellis - but what of this Pheyden? Was he available for sale? A prize only obtainable by going to MoodyCon2007?

So I did my research, and found that only TWELVE of these were available, and given away at SDCC 2007.
It looked like I would never have my Pheyden, that I started to refer to as "Skull", since I think he looks like a skinned Pheyden.

But I did get one, so end of story there.*

Who do I see Skull Pheyden as? I see him as one of the original Pheydens, a hearty warrior who is lost in space/time fighting evil. Eventually, he is freed from this trap of temporal dimensions, and returns, with his gendrones "the Skullcrackers", to battle evil.

I am so happy to finally have this figure.
Now if I could just find a Dimension Hopper...

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