Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Monstrous fate

Monstrous waited. It felt that its time in the universe might be coming to an end.
But then it sensed the arrival of a hated Pheyden.
The blue Scar Pheyden followed the directions on the chip he had obtained from the second Buildman. The secrets of the Glyos universe lay directly ahead...

ROAR! Monstrous reacted as only he could.

Scar dove out of the way of Monstrous' tentacled mouth, crashing into a wall. Monstrous moved again, breaking ancient metal with a hard strike. Monstrous reared up -
Scar Pheyden gestured -
And Monstrous froze.

Scar felt something in his mind - a power he had never felt before. He could see lines of energy flowing from Monstrous. When Scar moved his hands, the energy flowed to him and allowed him to manipulated Monstrous like a puppet.

It was then that he heard a sound - like the teleportation effect of a Pheyden, but somehow wrong. The Pheyden in chains appeared before him, eyes quickly shifting from gray to yellow.
"Grees...loch. Grees...loch." It asked; Scar Pheyden stared back. The chained one whipped his arm with a speed beyond normal and his chain swung to hit the Scar Pheyden. But Scar could see the energy of this creature too - with a quick yank of his hand, Chain fell to the floor of the ancient chamber. This is an interesting power, Scar thought.

"Bravo." came a voice from a piece of the room high up out of sight. A blurred silver shape fell from the upper darkness and cracked the floor in front of Scar. Gladiator stood before him. "Gobon did not hold the answer I was looking for." Gladiator threw a smashed Gobon head to the floor in front of Scar. "Do you?" Scar held up a small computer chip. Gladiator looked at it, his eyes seeming larger in his silver helmet. What passed for a smile on a Pheyden skull passed over Gladiator; he smashed open the Gobon head, revealing a computer port and board that could accommodate the chip, which he picked up and handed to Scar.

Scar felt something brush his leg - he looked down to see the chained Pheyden, touching his leg with outstretched fingers. His eyes had shifted to gray again, and although they burned with hatred, Scar could see that this thing was now under his control. A chain slinked from its arm, pausing and stiffening in front of Scar like a hand. Scar placed the board with chip onto the chain; Chain Pheyden's eyes shifted to a green color, and energy traveled through his chain. The board and chip activated. A door opened in the metal wall, hidden by seams that made it appear to be a normal piece of the wall. The three Pheydens watched the door open, staring into darkness.
"Grees...loch." said the Chained Pheyden. He did not move his gaze from the open door. Scar looked down at him.

"Stand, brother Pheyden." Scar asked of his Chained accomplice. "Let us enter the doorway together, as it is our destiny..."

Inside the doorway, the -

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