Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last post for tonight - Custom Glyos #66 - Batch Six and Batch Seven.

The Glyos System is full of stories.
One of the strangest concerned a factory that made buildmen and two of their creations.

Love is commonly termed an emotion, or a state of mind. How can a machine feel love?

On one of the many mechanized planets of the Glyos system, a factory was assembling Breaker Buildmen. The BB series was available in two configurations - a standard buildman style, and also one that was optimized for mining purposes. The factory was making plenty of xew credits (the primary currency recognized by the Metran governments) and branched out into other forms of robotic technology. In short, they wanted to see if they could create a robot with female characteristics, for possible use on the pleasure planet, Arboretus.

The female robot project was instituted in what the factory called batches. Batch one was a complete failure, the resulting buildman-series bot murdering over ten workers in a few hour span. Batch two gave some positive results, but still resulted in mechanoids going on a rampage of death and destruction. And so it went, throughout five batches of buildmen.
The top scientists were perplexed at why this was such a difficult proposition - why was this one small task causing them such a problem? And the effect on the bottom line was immense - a success was needed. The BB series would not be a financial windfall forever.
One of the leaders of the research team came up with a breakthrough. The primary component in what they considered a female neuron matrix was based on scans of actual female humanoids. The scientist posited that something needed to be added to regulate the mental abilities of the female, so that it would be able to contain its murderous rages and be used for other means.

Phase arm technology was instituted and installed in the new creation, termed batch six.
This mechanoid seemed to have a completely female response to external stimulus; the scientists were overjoyed. They locked up Batch Six and planned on how to destroy it to replicate the experiment.
Needless to say, B6 was not happy with this plan. The machine did not completely understand emotions, as they had been crudely grafted onto a mechanical brain with the precision of an ape using power tools. It could only recognize that this was not a suitable scenario, in her opinion. The factory was closed for the night, union labor still ruling work even into the far future and in other systems. However, B6 was not without her own devices. The phase technology allowed for a strange application of phase energy by the mechanoid; she created tiny insects made from phase energy and sent them out into the factory.
The insects walked through the production floor, coming across a BB series miner buildman. A signal spread throughout the bugs, and they swarmed the Buildman, infusing it with their energy.

The Breaker came to life, having a mind beyond what he should have possibly had. He looked around, knowing his mission. With pieces from other BB buildmen and BB bots (another robotic series of servants created in the Noact plant), he reconstructed himself into a machine with offensive weapons. On his left arm, a powered ram that could also be used as an energy crossbow; on his right, a drill and laser blaster. With these weapons, the creation who called himself B7 freed B6 from her prison and they left the factory, running off onto the planet to hide from the factory and the authorities.

B6 and B7 were together for many years, hiding out from those searching for them. Through the intercession of a Pheyden, they were allowed to get off planet and seek a greater destiny, sharing a love forged from mutual respect.

And then they met the creature known as Chain Pheyden...

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