Monday, October 12, 2009

Glyos Customs #62 - The Gendrones

In the Glyos universe, there is a mechanical being that was created to be the ultimate peacekeeper in the universe.

But as we know, sometimes plans change.

A shipment of Gobons were lost to time.

But now they have returned.

The leader, MEX, looks at the world through a cycloptic visor. He experiences what is called by flesh-and-blood beings "anger" at being in a deactivated state for so long. His hands can convert into "Gobon blasters" at will, and he can generate four extra arms from his body if he desires.
He also possesses the full planet-draining power of a standard Gobon.

The twins, GROMBLE and GRUMBLE, are cobbled together from destroyed Gobons. As are their minds. Gromble has three functional heads that are also capable of discharging disintegrating blasts of energy - not that his limited brain can process the visual information of one head. Grumble must move his entire body to look upwards - but his piston-punch arm enables him to thwart most opponents.

Finally, the SENTINEL is a robot from the same manufacturer as Gobon that was meant to be a guardian for the Gobons. But now, it wields its weapons under the command of MEX.

Where will they go? What will they do?

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