Monday, October 19, 2009

Glyos Customs #37 - the Granthan Corps!

This is a posting I have been looking forward to.

I LOVE the Granthan Corps. They were first named in the first release of the Custom Corps figures from Onell Design, and of the two original CC figures I received, one of them was a Granthan Corps "Govurom".

I thought a lot about that figure and how it related to the Glyos universe- what was the Granthan Corps? Later, the Passcode story would flesh out some things....

The Granthan Corps was part of the Lost Sincroid Army - a very specialized branch. That was all of the official detail we were given. Now, my take on it.

The Granthan Corps is a specialized unit of the Sincroid Army. Part of the methodology of the Granthan Corps is that the Sincroid will lose their original face, and take on a face unique to those in the army. The loss of the face is said to be one that gives a Sincroid the freedom to be able to use his actions for the greater goods of the Sincroids, and place those actions on the face of the being he mirrors. The Granthan Corps is called upon to deal with rogue Buildmen, Pheydens, Sarvos, Phanost himself, or especially the hated Govurom.

Two of the unique members of the Granthan. They do not call each other by name. It is a strange psychic connection between all Granthan members.
The Granthan on the left is responsible for many deaths in the Glyos system. He has brutish strength, and frequently can be found at the scene of disaster on a given planet.

The Granthan on the left of this picture is known as the "Enlightened One", although individuality in the Corps is discouraged. It is thought that he has never been beaten in hand-to-hand combat.
The Granthan on the right is a master manipulator, helping the Supreme Granthan to achieve his goals.

Three more members of the Granthan Corps.
The Granthans wear a yellow and orange color palette in honor of their lost master Exellis, who was colored in a similar fashion.
The Granthans have been known to wipe out other Sincroid factions if they do not admit Exellis was yellow and orange.

Who is the Supreme Granthan?

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