Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From the official Checklist - the SHADOW SQUAD (version 2)

Thanks to a member of the Glyos forum, I finally have one of the official set of the Shadow Squad.
The heads are hand-cast customs on production Glyos bodies.
From left to right:
CCC001 Shadow Squad Morkoroth
CCC004B Shadow Squad Nozaru
CCC002 Shadow Squad Manticore
CCC003 Shadow Squad Beholder

According to Glyos.com, there are approximately six official sets of this Shadow Squad, in which Nozaru replaced Clopos.

The Shadow Squad has no awesomely detailed origin. One day, they showed up and started terrorizing planets, stealing what they wanted and killing indiscriminately. On planet Metran, they were responsible for the deaths of the population of one entire city-state.

The Shadow Squad continued its reign of terror until the Buildmaster and his Build Team faced off with the Shadow Squad on planet Stone. The co-creator of the Buildman used his mechanical creations to slay the Squad, leaving their bodies to rot.
They would still be rotting when Callgrim came looking for them...

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