Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Custom Glyos #67 - N.I.K.I.

In his travels through the Glyos system, Callgrim finds himself constantly plagued by the beings known as the order.

At times, the Order employs other "unpure" agents in their battles with Callgrim. N.I.K.I. is one of those agents.

The Nega-Ionizer Killing Infiltrator (NIKI) was created by the government of planet Arcos to create havoc on planet Metran, and hopefully end their years of hostility. Unfortunately for the Arcans, the Sincroid Army destroyed their planet to power a dimension-ripping machine in their search before the NIKI could be deployed. The sole production model survived the destruction of Arcos, being cast off into space.

For a number of years it floated, in a state of absorption. The NIKI was programmed to absorb the culture of its enemy and use it against them. Signals from throughout the cosmos bounced through wormholes in time and space, bombarding the mechanoid being. One program in particular locked into the brain of the NIKI, fully programming him based on a four-hour vid-show about games of chance starring humanoids. NIKI went into shutdown once the programming was complete.

Some years later, salvagers picked up the barely-worn robot and went along their way. This is never a good idea. Much to their surprise, Niki woke up, and seemed to have quite a nice personality. He had a few tics - a strange tone to his voice, a mumbling of some words that could have been a programming flaw - but he seemed to be okay.

It was one night during a routine card game that the real Niki was awakened. The first mate of the ship was caught cheating at cards, and Niki went into a murderous rage, stabbing him in the throat with a writing utensil. The ship's crew was caught off-guard, and Niki murdered them all.

Niki took his ship through the cosmos, drawing a number of devoted followers to his cause. Eventually, they were destroyed by the Shadow Squad, and Niki was buried alive in a hole on the desert world San'Doria.
If a member of the native San'Dorian race had not discovered him, Niki would have been buried forever. But it was not to be - Niki was dug up and traded to a member of the Order for some illegally modified Phase Arms.
With a retrofitted head that more closely resembles Callgrim and an anger cultivated over years of being buried in the sand, Niki battles Callgrim with a ferocity rare in the Glyos System.

Over the years, Niki has developed a number of tics. He can frequently be found talking to himself about his brother, and smashing telecommunications devices for seemingly no reason.

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