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Big post! Artist custom Glyos releases

As the Glyos system has expanded, a number of other artists have released limited-run heads that use the body parts of the system, with custom parts. Here is a look at a few that I have picked up.

The first is Monstrehero :

This first figure was not sold, to my knowledge, with a full body at SDCC, but may have been available with a body during a later sale on their website. There is a lot of neat detail in this head - an eyeball detached from its socket and hanging loose - but my pic does not do it proper justice. The body is customized from my junk box.
I see it as a Glyosian who has been afflicted with a radiation sickness that keeps him alive as his body deteriorates. Just a character to give a little bit of flavor to the many possible stories in the Glyos System.

LOVE this design. You might look at this guy and think of him as a monster or villain, but I think he is a hero. What it reminds me of most is a bothersome creature from my childhood, the noise-eater from Tales from the Darkside. I tried to find you a pic of it, but alas, none to be found. Buy the DVD set when it comes out in a year or two - I think the Hush story is on Volume Three.

A soldier in the Metran army who gets promoted to the special ops unit run by Metran Pheyden and Hell Pheyden.

"Holy diver, you been down too long in the midnight sea..."
Very clean design on the head. Love the paint on these guys too.

Unfortunately, these figures are all sold out, but keep an eye on their site - more may be coming in the future!

Another artist producing custom pieces is the Godbeast.
His first series, long sold out, was called the Glyos Aliens wave. It consisted of three heads that could be customized with any body you chose. (the Doc remembers he never made a post about these, so finds the pics...)

Okay, so in my storyline, Pheyden found himself subject to a cosmic event while traveling through space, and fell to a remote planet which had not yet been explored. The planet had been assigned a galactic code until officially named by the Metran government - 81285.

Pheyden thought himself alone on the planet, his abilities to travel through time and space temporarily blunted by the cosmic event. But to his horror, he discovered that three beings on the planet had murdered the entire planet:

A (Alpha-Cen)
B (Beta-Ced)
C (Ceta-Cre)

Through studying historical datatracks, Pheyden discovered that the planet had been one of three major religions, based on water, fire, and a special brand of wood found only on the planet.
Wars were fought over the beliefs in these religions, culminating in the creation of three avatars - one for each religion. But the world powers had bequeathed too much power to these creatures - with near complete mastery over the elements, they ran roughshod over each other and the planet. The governments attempted to fight these creatures with the science that had created them, destroying them. But they did not die - they returned as one united force and wiped the planet clean of life, before resuming their battle with each other.

Having replaced their flesh bodies with mechanical ones and coating their heads in an indestructible Ballim alloy, the God Aliens continued their insane battle with each other to prove the superiority of fire, wood, or water. When Pheyden discovered they were planning to leave the planet to see if beings on other planets would worship them, he tricked the "Gods" into a special trap reverse-engineered from when he had made the Sucklord from ghost to flesh. The Alien Gods lost their protective coating, becoming ghosts trapped in a stanchion sphere on planet 81285. Pheyden broadcast a warning to Metran about the planet, that it was to be kept under quarantine.

Time passed - and the threat of the God Aliens was considered a dead issue. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Information is a valuable currency in the Glyos system. The constant ebb and flow of aliens to the capital homeworld of the Glyos system allows information to filter in and out of the channels on the planet. One Metran heard the "legend" of the Alien Gods, and linked it to a tale of Metran in an earlier phase of time and space when elemental forces were in play on the planet. But this information was not easy to obtain - he spent the equivalent of six Earth years searching, following leads, expending his fortune - but eventually, he came to a place of power wherein an ancient Metran was waiting. The story had lead him to a staff, green in color, and three accompanying boosters that were said to have the power to enslave the elements. The ancient Metran said that this traveler could have the staff, but it would cost him something valuable.
The Metran agreed - any price would be acceptable. The old Metran smiled - and gave the younger the staff.
At first, nothing happened, but within seconds, pain washed over the Metran. His hand disappeared from sight, sucked through a dimensional vortex and replaced with a ghostly outline of a hand. But if the staff worked, the Metran known as Lh'et would think it completely worth it.

It took another year to make it onto the surface of planet 81285. But he found the ghosts immediately - they flew to his ship, the manifestation of the ghosts a pink brain floating in the outline of a ghostly head. And Lh'et understood, somehow, what he had to do. Concentrating the power of the staff, Lh'et focused them on the weapons; a ghost was captured by phantom tendrils emanating from each weapon. The elements of wood, water, and fire combined to create flesh, resulting in the following configurations:

The God Aliens moved to strike down Lh'et, but he focused on the staff and they found themselves unable to. He allowed himself a smile - soon, he would have his revenge on the Metran Corps and their imprisonment of his father. The Brain Wave would be coming to Metran...soon...

The Brain Wave is long sold out, but who knows? Maybe there is a set floating around out there in Glyos-land somewhere for sale.

Another artist is Killgraffiti.

One of his main characters is the Zagolian. The Zagolians are a race of aliens/creatures/who knows?

My take on this guy - he comes from a race of war-mongers, and he doesn't want to make war. He just wants to have fun. He looks so happy to me - I almost can see a sitcom of this.

Two more Kill! figures are the Cythose and Pheyder of the Wasteland.

I paired them together because I see their story unfolding together. In a post-apocalypse situation, the Cythose wanders his homeworld, searching for answers. Meanwhile, a Pheyden who was stuck in the area during the apocalypse is evolved into a creature half-Pheyden, half-something else. And eventually, they will meet to decide the fate of the planet.

One or two of the Kill! customs may still be available for sale as of this writing. Jump over to his site and check it out!

The next one is not a figure that was officially for sale anywhere, but features the likeness of a character familiar to readers of this blog: the Sucklord!

The origins of the Sucklord are unknown (or at least subject to confusion). But unknown to him, the Sucklorians await his transfer to the Glyos system...
(please note this is a work in progress. I am still working on removing the sprue piece on the top of his head and painting it up properly).

And finally, some unique creations of Bah'Glenn. None of these were available for sale, but you never know...

BG has his ongoing storyline of the Alien Mercenaries, which you can follow at his blog linked above. Greh'eck, one of the main characters, is caught in this candid photo meeting an informant before his adventures looking for the PMP.

Another fun head sculpt from BG.

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