Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SDCC in a nutshell!

Okay, this is going to be a quick post - time is short - so I reserve the right to come back and do some edits later.

SDCC is probably the largest convention in the US, perhaps even the world.
There is a massive amount of everything at this con - people, vendors, product, you name it.
As such, many exclusive items were available at SDCC.

My initial reason for traveling to the show in 2008 was Glyos, but along the way, much as it has become during any convention I attend, it becomes about seeing friends from other places, making new friends, and having a great time.
While here, I'd like to give shout outs, in no particular order, to Matt and Megan from Onell Design, Jesse from Callgrim.com, Don "Datadub" from FigLab, Boris from Banimon.com, George and Ayleen from October Toys, Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite (next time we get those passes earlier!) from Open Your Toys.com, Kel from Keliens.com, Sam and Mike, Bill, Mori from RealHead (warning: non-US language site), Ayoko, the Sucklord and Crimson Suicide from Suckadelic.com, Dan and Nadia from CollectionDX, Paul Kaiju, my man Adam and his woman Scarlett, the whole crew at Kaiju Big Battel (great show!), Anna Maria, and anyone else I forgot to mention in the haze of trying to remember everybody without notes.
YOU are what makes these conventions worthwhile, nothing else, and I treasure my friendships (such as they are) with each of you.

But you don't want to hear a travelogue (well, one person might - you know who you are) - you want to see some toys!

First up, the non-Glyos items:
Transformers! I had no need for the SDCC Soundwave- already have him and a nice set of all the cassettes - but I chose to fill in a few blanks. I got the Henkei Dinobot on the left (nice paint job compared to the US), the Alternity Megatron on the right (nice figure, but pricey for the size), and the Gears of War set (the chrome weapons you see on the Classic TF in the pic, and the Mirage Energon invisibility box! Never knew I wanted one this bad, but it is really nice). I also would have picked up the Superion add-on set if I had more funds available, but it was not to be.

Jason Vorhees! From the final Mezco assortment, which is a shame. I really liked their take on New Line Horror.

Also, Z.O.M.B.I.E.S! Like the classic green army men and MUSCLES, these small, highly-detailed figures are ready to take over your mini-figure shelves! Take a trip over to OctoberToys.com and pick up some today - tell them the Doc sent you.
(please note: telling them the Doc sent you will not get you a discount, but you will get cool toys).

Chaos! From excellent designer and Fan of Pheyden RealHead, this monsterous vegetation creature is ready to sample his enemies with his probe and steal their power! Only the forces of good can stop him.

And now, the Glyos and Glyos-related:
By now, everyone has seen the post over on Onell.com about the problems with the merchandise arriving in time for SDCC. These were the six Buildmen that made it to SDCC, and were available in limited quantities. However, they should be available for sale in the next week or so in the official Onell store.
Oooh! Who are these guys?

At times, you will see pics from SDCC of colorways that do not match any other figure. This is due to a number of factors, all of which lead to variant one-off colorways. I like 'em.
Psst: you can make these yourself if you really want to.

Suckadelic releases! First in line, the Glyos-compatible Galactic Chisler. The Sucklord has finally gained corporeal form in the Glyos system, and is starting to pull down mad cash from all the sucker Sincroids.

Non-Glyos releases were Frankie Goes to Hyperspace and the Green Gremlin. Awesome stuff - I love the classic spacesuit design used here with the chosen heads.

Armodocs at last! Two colorways were available, at a price of $25 each. They should also be coming up for sale very soon on the Onell site.
Solid, solid figures. They were only available in limited quantities at the show, but once a full run is available, I am going to get a nice amount of them and build something huge. Onell showed one possible creation at the con using these guys, a giant spider that I forgot to get a pic of. Check out Plastic and Plush.com for pics.

SDCC was big for the first 100% brand-new release from the Glyos-compatible Rawshark Studios/Callgrim.com company - Callgrim himself and the Order! The story between these two is yet to be revealed, but the enclosed art cards will give some ideas once you have them in hand. Callgrim and the Order should be up for sale in the next few weeks at Callgrim.com
This figure is amazing! I did a previous post on it last week - so many possibilities...

NOTE: as far as this and the rest of the items go, I am still determining where they go on the checklist. I am also going to let the pics speak for themselves other than the most basic description. A lot of artists had Glyos-based pieces this year.


CLOPOS (Matt Walker version, of a Triclops design)

Monsterhero figures (this is all of the different ones, AFAIK)

KiLL figures (there were a few more designs than this)

BIRTH OF THE DEMON (Matt Walker X Onell)

And that was SDCC! I am completely burnt out - I need a vacation.


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krakit said...

Thank you, doctorkent, for
the SDCC update. Your post
makes feel almost all caught
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I wasn't able to go.