Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Leaving in a few short hours for SDCC. My brain is mushy from, as they would say in the grindhouse days - BACK TO BACK TO BACK finals for college classes. It should be a fun, sleep-filled plane ride - I think I am going to just stay awake the extra five hours or so (since I woke up 7:30 am on Monday, that would make 24 hours!) and crash on the plane.

And since I promised a few dozen posts ago...

Who is this mysterious fellow? The question has been raised recently about the hand-cast Glyos figures that were the precursor to the "made-in-overseas" versions we are all enjoying.
This is one of the original hand-cast ones. Not from my collection, although, as someone guessed, I do have one to share with you on an upcoming rainy day.
The green color on this never went to production. I have held it, and it feels very similar and solid to the production versions.

If I can, I will post an update from SDCC, but do not get your hopes up. 'Net access was very limited for me last year.

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