Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Custom Glyos #43-44-45 - the Ship

On the ship Arquaod, an alien stalks the crew...

Through a series of bad decisions, the crew is rendered to two members:
Alran and Buster. On a ship full of warriors, the creature has feasted well, its Villser claws absorbing the tough Glyans with little effort.

Alran is a strategist, although his rank was not high enough to convince the captain to abandon ship. He wears Smasher gloves from a fallen friend, with a basic Metran exo-suit.
His friend, Buster, is a mechanic. The basic plan is to grab a scout ship and call in the cavalry on the Arquaod.

On a lower deck of the ship, time and space begin to fold in, revealing:

A new Pheyden. His cosmic awareness snaps into focus, and he moves to the location of the Villser, to save these two Metrans who the universe has decided need to live.

Pheyden succeeds in dispatching the Villser, but at the cost of one of his hands and a leg. He shows no bitterness, knowing that it is part of the grand plan of time and space. The Metrans take him to a planet where he can heal. Arquaod Pheyden, as he names himself, waits there for a sign of what he is to do next...

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