Friday, May 1, 2009

Riffin' about my updates

Hey to everybody out there!

Since we are hitting a new month and updates have been sporadic the last few weeks, I just wanted to give some general info about how I post.

I have a limited amount of time on my hands, and sometimes, the blog will go without an update for a number of days. At other times, I have a few hours to kill and decide to update the blog - numerous times.
Pictures stop me in many circumstances - I'll have a great topic I want to talk about, but the act of taking and preparing a good picture takes up so much time, I don't feel like posting by the time I get everything prepared.

To anyone who has posted a comment - I appreciate the feedback.
To my followers - appreciate knowing that you are out there following this.

I still have many stories to tell about my Glyos universe, so keep your eyes peeled. There are a few coming up that I am really excited to have in front of an audience, including the continuing story of Starblocker, the introduction of some key new characters, a cameo by everyon's favorite intergalactic supervillain, and the coming of...F-PUNCH. He's pretty unforgettable.

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lol F-punch falcon pawnch possibly?