Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I need your help again!

Hey guys,

I am getting the stuff together from wayy back on Custom #23, who I did not have a head picked out for, and am going to show the results soon.

But I have another question!

What FEET should I use on this guy?

This is not a contest, but merely a figure where I am completely stumped on what feet to use!
My first choice was plain clear feet, but that didn't do it for me; I then tried the Solaris pink feet, and those will work in a pinch, but I want the RIGHT feet.

So make some suggestions!


R. Whitford said...

Some ideas: white, silver, green glow, clear neon orange, or "dark bley" (for lack of a better term; the Reverse Pheyden feet).

Good luck...

Ghost Target said...

Black ?