Monday, May 25, 2009

Custom Glyos #34-35-36 - the future of Pheyden...

The ultimate battle had occurred. Pheyden used his powers gained from Govurom to merge with Exellis and a few other beings to become the ultimate hybrid created, Villeyden.
The confrontation with Monstrous was amazing - and destructive. In the end, the cataclysmic energies unleashed by Villeyden were enough to destroy both of them - and three planets in the Glyos system. Pheyden and Exellis were no more...

But the universe abhors a vacuum. Or perhaps Pheyden had used a trick of time and space. In any case, Pheyden popped up again a few short months later, his skin the same familiar shade of blue. At least, that is what his friends thought initially; but there had been a change that went deeper than the change in his eye color, which now were a shiny silver shade. This Pheyden was much more reckless, and seemed to have no memories of his previous adventures or adversaries.

At the same time, Exellis arose from a Gobonic chamber, his Sincroid body housing his computerized soul. His body had been re-created after the battle with Monstrous, and was now ready to use the knowledge he had gained from Plasma Pheyden to find his Lost Army of Sincroids.

Little did Exellis and Pheyden know that a faulty Phase Arm would forever change both of their destinies.

Pheyden and Exellis both wound up outside of the Hall of Knowledge on planet Issaris, the gateway to the final resting place of the Sincroids just inside the doors. Unlike the previous version of Pheyden, the new Pheyden did not ask Exellis a question as he came across the renegade Sincroid attempting to gain entrance to the hall - he slipped on a Phase Arm and opened fire. Exellis turned around, and was surprised to find the blue Pheyden on top of him, attempting to blast his head off. A blocked blast ricocheted off of a metallic surface, blasting off Exellis' hand. Pheyden was crazed - he screamed that he would end the Sincroid threat once and for all.
Exellis thrust his arm blindly up, plugging into the end of the Phase Arm. His technology began to assimilate the Phase Arm at the same instant Pheyden gave the mental command to fire.
The Phase Arm discharged, but the energy was released into Exellis' circuits, causing a chain reaction at the atomic level.

Pheyden came to, and felt the change immediately. Portions of his body had been transformed, with Sincroid technology replacing his organs. His connection to travel time and space was severed, although he felt stronger than ever before. Looking over, he saw that all that remained of Exellis was a head. The head was still functioning, which was strange, but it was working. Next to the both of them was an entirely new being: a fusion of Pheyden, Sincroid, and phase technology. He would be known as Phayzden.

Being reduced to an elemental state restored Pheyden to his previous level of sanity, even as his body and powers had been forever transformed. Phayzen was like a living Phase Arm with the aptitude and disposition of a Pheyden; together with the head of Exellis, plugged into a Hill Socket to allow him to live, they travel the cosmos together, righting the wrongs of the Lost Sincroid Army and any other threat to the Glyos system.

Simple recipe on these guys: one Standard Pheyden and Exellis with a Phase Arm.

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