Sunday, May 3, 2009

Custom Glyos #33 - Buildmaster!

Finally - the secret can be revealed!

Ranic Pheyden cleaned his hands of Sincroid fluids, looking back at his phalanx of Buildman assistants. What could make a machine so evil, when the buildman mechanoids are so emotionless?, he thought. During the battle, one of the Buildmen had been damaged beyond salvage, so Ranic Pheyden decided to sit down and take apart the inner core of the Buildman and really find out what made them tick, outside of their interchangeable power system and multi-tronic limbs.

After a few hours, RP had broken down the Buildman into its component parts and was examining the "brains" of the machine. With his knowledge of computerized systems and robotics, RP had narrowed down two specific parts of the Buildman that he did not understand, which puzzled him. There was a specific circuit in the brain that did not seem to have any application to the Buildman as constructed, and a sealed inner chest module that had no seams of construction. RP needed a scientific comparison; dragging a deactivated Buildman from storage on his ship, the Technician's Brand, RP went to work. And within a few hours, once again he was left with the same two questions.

The brain circuit was unusual, in that RP could not test the circuit with any of his equipment. In fact, it did not seem to respond to electrical stimulation or any other power. The design of it seemed familiar to Ranic Pheyden, although he could not place it...
The inner chest module was more puzzling; how could it be constructed and sealed in this way?
RP subjected the module to a number of tests. Finally, under magnification of the sub-atomic level, he saw a small opening in the machine. It was a series of tiny prongs, like those found on a microchip. Something connected to those prongs...and it snapped into his mind. The circuit in the brain described the connector for a computer, and the prongs were the connection point. Ranic Pheyden quickly assembled the machinery.

It was time to do it or time to ignore it. Scientific curiosity would not allow RP to ignore - he connected the computer to the module. Immediately, the module cracked open, an invisible seam making itself visible. Inside the module was a hand-reader, sized for Pheydens. Ranic had only one choice - he placed his hand in the cradle and his mind was filled with information - a coordinate in space and time. He concentrated, allowing his Pheyden heritage to bridge time and space and take him to -

In the end, Ranic Pheyden met a being who would one day become known to him as the Buildmaster. Together, they worked on a project to modify the junker robots populating the Glyos universe into Buildmen. The main head of the Buildman robots would be cast in honor of the Buildmaster; the second, alternate Buildman head was added later and designed after the Umassian Commando units, feared throughout the galaxy.

Buildmaster was an old being when Ranic Pheyden met him, full of anger from numerous failures when creating mechanical beings, and also distrusting of alien species. After a week with Ranic Pheyden, he was a changed creature, happy at his place in life and putting the Buildman into mass production.
Ranic Pheyden realized that the core module and circuits had been one of his additions to the project, as a way to get the coordinates to himself to go back in time and help create the Buildman. There was a question in RP's mind - who had left the original message? How could the Buildmaster create the Buildman on his own, if Ranic had always been an assistant to the creation? That was the nature of time-travel - the universe would insure that it worked out somehow.

Buildmaster is completely a figure that a Fan of Pheyden can build, except the head. The head is from a prototype unused Buildman that no longer exists. A brown alternate Buildman head can be substituted, if desired.

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