Friday, May 1, 2009

Custom Glyos #32 - Quantum P.

The Glyos universe is full of varied life forms and mechanical wonders - this entry examines what happens when a Pheyden happens across one of the most powerful weapon sets in the universe...

This particular Pheyden was a "descendant" of the legendary Arquem Pheyden, who had disappeared many years prior in the "Enigma Incident". His memories began on a day without a reference point, on a planet lush with jungle life. Plants were the dominant species on the planet - Pheyden was not sure how he knew this, but he did. His knowledge base was large; he could identify planets, knew about elements in the ground that he came across, saw small animals running around through the foilage that he could identify - but without a reference point of how this had come to be.

Over months that spanned into years, Pheyden wandered the planet. As he did not have to eat, it was simple for him to exist. His muscles tired, needing only short rests to regenerate their power. On the outer fringes of his mind, Pheyden could feel an energy that represented time and space to him - again, without knowing his origins, he could not know that all Pheydens inherently had the ability to move through time and space, even if it was blocked for a number of reasons in some members of the vast Pheyden genus. At times, he felt as if he could touch the power - but it was not to be. Instead, he moved across the jungle world, never coming across any surprises, only plant life and small, insignificant animals.

The world of Pheyden changed forever when he pushed through some dense jungle fauna into an open space, cleared of jungle. In the open space was a large octagonal building, weathered with age. Pheyden felt it call to him...there was no doubt that he would have to explore it. But something lingered in his spirit, that once the secrets of the building were known, Pheyden would forever be changed.
He lasted three days before entering the temple, enjoying the fall of night and the rise of day. If this was to be his last day, then Pheyden was going to embrace oblivion with open arms and warm memories.
The building was nearly empty inside. It seemed to have been constructed from the inside out, as if the building was a number of layers grown around a basic skeletal structure. Pheyden moved carefully, holding a whip-like vine in his hand. In the center of the room was a platform; on the platform, a small square container barely larger than Pheyden's arm, but as long as his leg. THIS was what had been calling to him, he immediately recognized. Taking the container, he intuitively knew how to open it. The top of the container flipped open, four metallic objects dropping out from it.

Pheyden reached out, his arm sliding through the center of one of the objects - a circular arm bracer. Energy connected inside him - the other three objects did not hit the ground, hovering in the air before him. Pheyden cocked his head slightly. There was another bracer - it slid over his other arm, both items sizing to his limbs.
The other two items slipped onto his legs where his boots started. Suddenly, power surged through Pheyden. He felt his limbs lessen in weight and he zipped into the sky, flying off-planet and out into the cosmos.

He eventually discovered and renounced his duties as a Pheyden, referring to himself only as "P". The power of the Q bracers slowly eroded his mind, even as it made him more and more powerful. There came a point when the combined forces of the Prime Pheyden, R-Exellis, S.H., Gobon II, and Baby Monstrous were needed to combat his power - but that is another story...

Quantum P. is a figure that you can build using parts from a number of different Glyos figures. He will be undergoing a revision once the new Phase Arms are released.

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