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Callgrims World - Vol. 3 - Through the Black Hole

In the last part of our adventure, the red Scar Pheyden had returned from his apparent demise and blasted Callgrim to bits. To complete his revenge, he placed Black Hole Exellis and Red Guardian Pheyden in an Eidrallim pod and fired them into a black hole...

The pod zoomed into the black hole, and RG Pheyden grabbed BH Exellis. He attempted to shift through time and space, only to find his access blocked. How can this be possible?, he wondered - but somehow Scar and Offender Phanost had done it. The black hole surrounded them, and Exellis smiled.
"Keep your hands on me," he said quickly. Energy flowed out from BHE, surrounding the pod and Pheyden. His power was incredible! They passed through the black hole, the mechanical components of the pod shorting out as they went through.
The ride was incredibly violent - Pheyden slammed his head against a side of the pod and lost conciousness...

RGP awoke on a grassy hill on a sunny day. Exellis was standing a short distance away; the remains of the pod were scattered over the field. Pheyden called to him. Exellis turned, his face full of anguish. "We are back where I came from. The world of the BANIMON."

Exellis explained what had happened. This universe, accessed through the black hole, was populated by strange talking animals, for the most part. They had been ruling this planet for thousands of years, when, one day, a strange being arrived with his silent companion. The being was known as Phanost - his companion, Sarvos. He claimed to be from an apocalyptic future where the animals faced extinction at the hands of a being called PHEYDEN; but Phanost had a plan - an army of synthetic warriors called Sincroids would protect the Banimon from domination. RGP shook his head - this was almost the flipside of his situation with Callgrim and the red Scar Pheyden. Eventually, the resources of the Banimon and the knowledge of the Sarvos produced a single prototype, which they called Exellis.

Exellis was unintentionally created with a self-actuating mental capacity, due to flaws in the Banimon construction - when activated, Exellis read the minds of the beings around him. In the mind of Phanost, he saw unspeakable images of distruction and horror, the remnants of a destroyed dimension. No mental activity was detected from Sarvos. In one second, Exellis rebelled against his creators; leaving the labs after an intense battle, Exellis found himself on the run through an unknown land...

With the assistance of two freedom fighters, Exellis went on a series of adventures, always managing to stay one step ahead of the Banimon leadership and Phanost. Eventually, he found an item that had fallen to the planet and kept hidden by a simple country rabbit creature. It was a mechanical block similar to his technology. Exellis knew to slip it into his chest mechanics, and did so -
The world disappeared in a flash - he was travelling through space - a black hole approached - Exellis' color shifted from white and red to black and red, with red and grey detailing - he flew into the darkness of the hole -
And then he was on the other side, drifting through space. He floated for some unknown amount of time, drifting through the galaxy. Although this was not his ideal existence, he would not be used as a weapon for anyone.

A ship found him in the darkness, and reeled him in. Surprised to find a functioning being in the darkness of space, the inhabitants of the ship took him to the nearest inhabited planet, where Exellis disguised himself as a worn-out Buildman while he discovered what to do next.
After working a number of angles on the planet, Exellis was surprised to hear a story about "a sector of space locked off by Sarvos". Perhaps they had come for him at last - Exellis rushed to defeat them, in a ship bought with hard earned currency. Instead he had found Callgrim and RGP.

The next steps were clear to Pheyden - they needed to go back through the black hole and stop the red Scar...but this universe also had problems to solve. He would not have time to think about it, as they were confronted by the main components of Exellis' story: Phanost and Sarvos.

Phanost was surprised to see a Pheyden in his universe; he glanced at Sarvos, who did not move. The call to battle was given - Phanost was a particularly strong fighter, but so was this Pheyden. Their blows rocked each other with great force. Sarvos stood unmoving as Exellis charged him; with a quick side-step, he tripped Exellis and forced a fist downwards, a loud crack snapping through the air.
RG Pheyden talked to Phanost as they fought - where had Phanost come from? Why had he cast Pheyden as the villian? Phanost charged again, another round of the fight starting - with no answer to the question.
Pheyden felt a strange feeling. It was similar to the call of the First Pheyden, who could summon other Pheydens to him through gentle mental connection; this was more like a tidal wave of energy slamming into his skull at one million miles per hour. Sarvos' eyes flashed a glowing red for a second. A secondary pinch of pain slipped through his conciousness quickly, the overall effect too much to bear. RG Pheyden dropped - allowing Phanost one clear punch directly on the top of Pheyden's skull. The ground shook from the blow. Pheyden fell aside, his mind groggy. His body was on fire, his skull felt shattered. And then - the energy.

Pheyden jumped back up, Phanost jumped back. How could this Pheyden take such a beating? , he wondered. RG Pheyden opened his eyes, and they were deep black. Phanost's eyes widened - not now! The darkness blasted out from Pheyden's eyes, swirling and moving, gathering in physical form a few short feet away. Phanost looked at Sarvos, who kicked Exellis aside.
"We need to go - now! What do you have?" Phanost blurted. Sarvos lifted his arm, pointing at Red Guardian Pheyden. "Okay - mental sync - now!" Phanost locked eyes with Sarvos - in three seconds, they disappeared in a flash. The being finally finished forming, his dark form created...

This new scarred Pheyden looked at Red Guardian and the Black Hole Exellis. His eyes surveyed the grounds. "They have gone to your world." he said to RGP. There was time for a quick explanation - he was Apocalypse Pheyden, and he was chasing the criminals Apocalypse Phanost and Apocalypse Sarvos. They had destroyed three dimensions before arriving in this one; A. Pheyden was the sole survivor of dimension #2, but not without high personal cost. Answering RG's question before it was asked, AP described how Apocalypse Sarvos could read the minds of sentients, and Phanost used his dimension-drifting ability to drag them both to the new dimension. He would accompany them back to RG's home dimension, to stop the Apocalypse duo once and for all. It was also in his ability to close off the Banimon dimension to Phanost's dimension-drift, so that it would never again be troubled by Apocalypse Phanost.

The mind scan had been quick; Sarvos had seen only the last planet that Red Guardian had been on, nothing more. The dimension-drift was an unexact science. They appeared on the planet, in the middle of what looked like an archeological dig by red Sarvos. A red Scar Pheyden approached them, flanked by other beings. Offender Phanost looked carefully at Apocalypse Phanost.
It took some time, but explanations were made. Scar, on the advice of his Phanost, allowed these two other beings to join his cause. They needed to find the creator of Callgrim before the First Pheyden sensed what was happening. With his assistance, they might finally be able to discover the secret of the Glyos universe and pierce the Edge of Space to see what lay beyond.

Black Hole Exellis turned off his ability once the ship was through the black hole. Apocalypse Pheyden snorted - something blocked his ability to move through time and space into this dimension. Red Guardian looked at his two new associates, and thought of Callgrim as they approached the planet...

Callgrim's skull sat in the dust, burn marks covering the white mechanical head. Wind passed over the skull, no signs of life in it. The click-clack of mechanical boots slowly becomes louder. A glint of light hit a non-dusty part of Callgrim's skull. A mechanical hand grabbed the skull, picking it up from the dirt. The sound of the boots recede into nothingness.

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