Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Callgrim's World Vol. 2 - Scar's Revenge

When we last left Callgrim and Red Guardian Pheyden, they had picked up a new ally in their battle against a red Scar Pheyden and Offender Phanost (original post):
Black Hole Exellis, an Exellis from an alternate universe who had come to the Glyos universe through a black hole.
With BHE on the team, Callgrim executed a plan that destroyed the planet of robotized people who were turned into Sarvos, trapped Offender Phanost in a 4th dimensional cube, and dismembered the red Scar Pheyden with a dimension bomb.

A scant two weeks had passed when Callgrim and his two friends were attacked again - by an upgraded red Scar Pheyden and his minions:

Scar knew where he had made his mistake - he did not give his Sarvos enough mental capacity to be able to handle Callgrim. So he took his remaining eight Sarvos and upgraded them. Five were only given an upgrade in intelligence, but the other three were given special reprogramming and upgrades.
The red Sarvos on the right of the picture wearing a belt is Sarvos Mark P, or S-P for short. He has been given access to the skill sets of his former being, an adventurer on the robotized planet. He now devises unique ways to deal with Callgrim's crew.
The black Sarvos is known only as STAR. He is a crack shot with a Phase Arm, and carries out the whims of Scar with deadly, silent precision. He no longer speaks after his upgrade, although it is unknown if he chooses not to - or if he cannot.
Scar himself has been changed by the dimension bomb; reconstructed from Sarvos and Buildman parts, along with a technology pirated from the Denoch, Scar now has a chest composed completely of dimensional energy. This has no positive effect on his being - at times, he will freeze and begin to fall out of phase with the Glyos universe. Only immediate treatment by his constant companion STAR restores him to corporeal existence.

The battle was fierce. Callgrim had been caught off-guard. During the battle, Callgrim was completely destroyed in a hail of lasers. Scar and his men captured Red Guardian Pheyden and BHE; in a fit of laughing, Scar said he would show them mercy. Placing them in a Edraillim pod, he fired them into the black hole that BHE had come from...

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