Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weird World of Rocks and Bugs and Things

Soooo...way back when, I wanted to do something on the web. Everybody had a website - why couldn't I? Well, there were a number of good reasons. What could I make a website about? My collection of Gi Joe was pretty comprehensive at that point, but there was already Transformers already had some decent web coverage. There were archives for He-Man, the Real Ghostbusters...even damn Police Academy had a site.

So I looked around my toy boxes (no room at that point, just a massive storage area in my mother-in-law's basement) for something to make a site about. Atari games - no good ( Captain Power? Yep, someone already did a site for it. Inhumanoids? Yep.

But, finally it popped out at me - a old and broken Terrorantula figure - the red thing in the upper left hand corner of the graphic above. The toyline - Rocks and Bugs and Things, by Ideal Toys. There was a small tribute site, which has transferred here . But no archive.

I pulled what I had - five of the figures, but no Mordles. A quest unfurled over a number of years to find boxed examples of all the toys and provide the contents to the public, so that once and for all, we would know if the Mordles were paired up with specific figures or what.

Obviously, to be continued.

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Anonymous said...

*looks at calendar* Were's the next installment!? Inquring minds want to know!