Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sucklord stuff - Suckadelic - The First Batch

I love collecting stuff. But you knew that already, based on the previous blog posts.
At times, it becomes impossible to collect things based on what is going on in your life at the time when an item is released...or you have a feeling, somewhere deep inside, that you should not collect certain lines, like Planet Heroes and Major Powers.

This is an example of the former.

Micronauts/Microman is an old favorite toyline. So in the Micronauts community, we had heard of a new figure that was of potential interest to us - the Cosmo Douche. I saw the pics and wanted to buy one, but it was just not possible at the time - my wife was out of work, and my spending money was nil. Plus, it technically would have entered me into a brand-new toyline called Suckadelic Bootlegs. I am always careful about jumping into new-to-me toylines, because it can get very expensive very quickly if there is a huge backlog of previous releases (see also: Transformers, G1).

Years passed by, and I forgot about Cosmo Douche.
In going to various conventions, I have met a number of people in the toy industry. At NYCC, I was lucky enough to meet Sucklord himself, and have a number of decent conversations with him. I brought up the Cosmo Douche, and finally I was able to purchase one at last. I customized it slightly with a vintage Kiddie City sticker I had laying around, which was asking me to use it somehow.

The Glyos Sucklord figure is also a prized possession of mine. For those that missed out, keep your eyes peeled. There may be another way to get one coming up in the near future...


Roy Whitford said...

You kept your Glyos Sucklord in the baggie? Blasphemy!

John K. said...

You will see why soon. As soon as I clean off my worktable again and dig out the paints...