Monday, March 2, 2009

Glyos Fun Checklist - F10 and F11 Anti-Matter Pheyden and Matter Exellis

Storyline explanation for these guys - throughout the infinite universes where Pheyden exists, there are a number of variations on the Glyos universe.
In one such variation, Exellis is the guardian of the Glyos universe, and he fights a number of aliens called Pheyden who want to destroy time and space.
During one altercation, they are thrown into the main Glyos universe, and interact with a world that is the opposite of their own. Matter Exellis is shocked to find that the Crayboth are not an intergalactic peace-keeping operation, but a race of seemingly mindless animals.
Eventually, they are returned to their own dimension, but not before Exellis tells our Pheyden a secret that will eventually help him answer the question - WHERE IS GOBON?

Now, the explanation of these figures - they are another set of "bonus" figures floating around out there from Onell Design that I only learned about at SDCC 2008. I have named them, in lieu of direction from Onell, and you can build them if you like my take on the story, or the general look of the figures, by purchasing an Empire Exellis and Eclipse Pheyden and swapping the parts around. It is that simple.

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