Friday, March 27, 2009

Glyos Customs #13 - a pair of Phanosts

Onell Design has done a number of figures, but people out there may not be aware of the origins of the company.

And you won't learn them here. HA!

Okay, now that the crickets have died down, our featured figures in this update are not my original designs, so I will not name them or describe their personality/abilities.
Over the years that Onell has been in operation, there have been a number of updates as things have been in the pipeline. For instance, Phase Arms were first previewed in a post on the Glyos Transmission Weblog during December 2007; it was nearly a year before it was available to the public, albeit in a prototype release in the Warp Zone section of the site.
The character of Phanost was first previewed in the 12/19/07 update of the Glyos blog, but his first official release was not until this year.
Above, you will see a design that replicates the original look of Phanost (on the right side of the pic) as shown in that post, although I have modified it slightly due to the parts available to me at this time. The head was available in one of the Warp Zone offerings, although I'm not telling which as it is no longer available.

The other Phanost look is based on a teaser from one of the Glyos log postings...3/1/08 shows the pictures. Again, I replicated it as best as possible from the pics and the available parts.
This head is a hand cast version that was never commercially available for sale. I can't even discuss how I got it, otherwise "a man who makes soap" may beat my ass for discussing it.

Never did get a trans-green Phanost head though...

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