Saturday, March 28, 2009

Glyos Custom Checklist #22 - Phanost in Supernova Suit

As I have stated before, Phanost exists in the Glyos universe in one singular version.
He looks for the answers behind his, and Pheyden's, origins. Where did they come from? Why can Pheyden travel through time and space? And where the hell is Gobon?

In his travels, Phanost has utilized his vast intellect and found that there are many places that cannot be searched through regular means due to radiation, energy, and gravity.
To overcome these issues, Phanost developed the Supernova Suit.
The suit is not radiation-proof, but instead radiation-absorbing; special organic nanomachines absorb the radiation and convert it to energy, which is used to protect the wearer from radiation and energy, or to power the Sarvonic Gendrone blaster attached to the suit.
The suit allows Phanost to journey into stars and collect their energy for use in his experiments.

The head on this Phanost is a hand-cast one.

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