Friday, March 27, 2009

Glyos Custom Checklist #14 - Hyper Energy Govurom early attempts at customs.
This is Hyper Energy Govurom.
Govurom has a unique personality, at first, in the Glyos system in that we don't go on his adventures with him; we see Govurom from the perspective of characters he interacts with, such as Pheyden or Exellis. Based on their own personalities, we get different reads on this character. Govurom can be an antagonist to Exellis, or assist him in finding a precious Sincroid module.

Govurom feels closest to these two characters because, once, he WAS Pheyden and Exellis - or versions of them. Through unexplained circumstances, a version of Pheyden and a version of Exellis were mashed together on a molecular level, creating this affront to the cosmos.
Govurom SMELLS. He smells like machine oil and rotting biological matter.

In the course of his adventures, Govurom finds he can access module powers like Exellis - but only in combinations, or he can wear specialized suits as Pheyden does.
This particular look is the combination of two Exellis modules - Hyper and Energy. It allows Govurom extra energy to carry out his tasks - the equivalent of drinking a hundred coffees.
His one arm ends in a pulse blaster; powered by the module, it allows him to fire energy bolts at all who would stop him from finding the treasure he so desparately seeks.

This custom is a hand cast Govurom head in transparent orange, with a white paint wash on his craggly mug, with pink eyes to denote his origins. He combines parts from Energy and Hyper Exellis, with a glove from the Standard Exellis. The chest has been further customized by dremeling off the sides of the chest part, to give it a different look.

This was one of the first paint jobs I did on a figure (circa...NYCC 2008), so it is pretty rough.

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