Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glyos Checklist - G019 Cosmic Wave Pheyden

Spoiler - Cosmic Wave Pheyden dies in the battle against Monstrous in my universe.

With that out of the way...
Onell has put out a number of clear figures, and this is another excellent example.

Character-wise, I find him to be a very spacy dude, if you will pardon the pun. He was once a standard blue and white Pheyden that was caught up in cosmic phenomenon (more below). His mind was expanded by the cosmic energy to the maximum evolutionary path - and it destroyed him.
His memory is fragmented - at times he is a hero; at others, a coward. Scatterbrained, or a genius. He can't travel through time. He is not a fighter. He merely flows through space, running into various situations and complicating them.
One notable tale involved CW (always spoken with derision by other Pheyden who meet him, save Eclipse and Standard Pheyden) coming across a ship full of lifeforms who were on the verge of losing the atmosphere they needed to survive. The original Pheyden that he was returned, and went on a race against the clock to save the beings. When the final countdown hit, he was nearly finished restoring the power - when his mind went into its fugue state, killing all aboard.
Somewhere in his brain, the event was logged - but the part of his personality in control at the time did not register this event in the slightest, moving on to the next "adventure"...

Cosmic Wave was involved in the battle against Monstrous, as many Pheydens were. Another Pheyden recognized the damage that had been done to CW, and restored his fractured mind. CW was restored - his memories crashing into each other. The multiple failures weighed on him the end, CW was restored to a heroic stature when he battled Monstrous in a manner that cost him his life.

Damn! Just noticed that CW is totally sold out through Onell Design. As a matter of fact, the only two figures still available who were originally released before NYC 2008 are Nebula Pheyden and Solaris Exellis. Get 'em before they're gone for good!

I notice a part of the above to be a theme I return to over and over again in my fiction (not that I have ever been hit by some cosmic phenomenon and turned into a mutant space-alien-robot-timetraveller) - the idea of being changed irrevocably by some outside influence. One day you are normal - the next day you are different, a catalyst causing a metamorphosis into...something else. If I examine this psychologically, I know the exact WHY that this happens to me, but it's not exactly something that you throw onto a toy blog.
I've felt the effect a number of times over the years. Other people feel it too - "a moment of clarity", perhaps? Un Chien Andalou - The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes*. It becomes a choice to react to the change and become something better, or to let it pass and stand aside.

*forgive me if this is mistranslated. It is direct from memory. This isn't the most academic blog, outside of grammatically.


WtMwA said...

"Un chien andalou" actually means "an Andalusian dog." Andalusia is a region of Spain and "Un chien andalou" is a film by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, which features a prominent scene in which a woman's eye is sliced open. So, that has something to do with your interpretation, maybe. Anyway, keep up the good work! I love reading your interpretation of the Glyos System.

John K. said...

Thanks for the comment!

Now that I am clear-headed, I checked it out. I had once read an essay in Gorezone magazine, and combined the title of another film The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes, with Un Chien Andalou. Your analysis was right on.