Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Custom Glyos creation by the fans - Hunter Exellis

From our good friend Ghost Target, a custom version of Exellis:

This is the only known photo of "The Hunter," taken shortly after he fell to the ground. It was prophesied, that this Exellis would be reborn in our darkest hour; to once again protect the innocent. According to the ancient text, The Hunter was originally a “bounty hunter” sent to capture the renegade Phanost and his Sincroid army. He disappeared over three centuries ago when he tried to prevent a collision between the Onell comet and our Minor Sun. Shortly after the picture was taken, a bright flash enveloped The Hunter has he continued on his pursuit of his target.
Keep the customs coming! I love reading the stories and seeing what other people think of the mythos.

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