Friday, March 27, 2009

Custom Glyos Checklist #19 - Denoch Pheyden

My customs come from a general period of time: the initial period of Glyos discovery, which was pre-NYCC 2008; from NYCC 08 to SDCC 08; SDCC 08 through the release of the second runs of Standard Pheyden and Exellis; from then until NYCC 09; and stuff since then.

Denoch Pheyden is from the second time period listed.

I had come up with this design for a while before I figured out what it was going to be called.
This is another Pheyden who was subjected to forces outside of his control and changed irrevocably.
This Pheyden is from the standard line, and was originally once the same colored blue. He was investigating a planetary distress call which was meant as a trap for the mysterious bounty hunter known as "Skullface". Pheyden investigated the signal, finding a weapon that could reduce a planet to gas. Unfortunately, the device was activated, and this Pheyden was reduced to gases.

In the Glyos system, being reduced to gas is not necessarily the end.
His next memory is awakening in the laboratory of a purple Pheyden, accompanied by a green Pheyden. A special pair of gloves and boots have collected the gaseous essence of this Pheyden, who they call Denoch due to his similarity to the like-named gaseous race of the Glyos universe.
The gloves make Denoch solid again, although they do not have the power to make him solid colored again. The experience has rendered him a clear blue transparent color. Tiny swirls of color move through his body as he continues on his mission throughout the Glyos system.

Surprisingly, the experience of being changed to gas has not dampened Denoch's mood. He still approaches every problem with a good disposition, and can be counted on when needed.

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