Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Custom Glyos checklist #12 - Pheyden in Tempest Suit

After a long night of marketing classwork, wanted to get some blog posts out there...

Pheyden utilizes a number of different suits in his duties around the Edge of Space: trapper suits, the Kromnet suit, the Golden Sunset suit...but one of the most useful of the suits that Pheyden obtains is the Tempest Suit.

The Tempest Suit allows the wearer to channel their own bio-electricity and use it for a number of purposes: throwing electrical bolts, powering machinery, completing circuits without being electrocuted - among a number of other uses.

This custom version of Pheyden utilizes parts from a number of figures:
Head and feet - standard Pheyden.
Lower legs - Energy Exellis
Chest - Pyros Exellis
Hands - Cosmic Wave Pheyden
Waist - Hyper Exellis
Thighs and upper arms - Empire Exellis.

Do you have a fun or favorite custom Glyos figure? E-mail to me at epicroad AT with a small description and I'll post it here!

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