Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family Portrait

In the infinite space that toys inhabit in our imaginations, multiple stories take place.

The great evil brain monster with claw can be your hero or your villain, alongside the hot news chick and a talking dog.
A soldier from space can be an undercover being sent to protect the Toxic Crusaders from the menace of Carey Mahoney and his POLICE ACADEMY.
Or little creatures most people see as monsters can be friendly pets to other beings.

It's all up to you.


Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri said...

Awesome to see a production Mordle Doc! Will the production ones be painted, and if so will they be painted in the same style as the original ones OR differently (i.e. the eyes will be one color & the teeth will be a different color)? Either way, very much looking forward to these when they're released. :-D

Soupie said...

Incredible! Very excited to see this project unfold.

brick said...

is so