Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MicroChanging Forever

Scorpinok's soldiers had found Megatron, and broken him out of the Earth holding facility where he was being kept. At that point, the war escalated again. Scorpinok called for reinforcements, getting the master builder HOOK and his band of Decepticons. Giving them the secret of Micro Change, Scorpinok orders Hook to Earth.
Hook complies, bringing his team with him.
DIRGE, a warrior.
BLUDGEON, a destructive force wanted by the Autobots and multiple alien races.
BLAST OFF, the space traveler.
AIRACHNID, a high-ranking Predacon, and her protector INSECTICON.
And RAMPAGE, berserker warrior.
These soldiers greatly upgraded the Decepticon forces on Earth.
But they did not know that an Autobot group was following them to Earth...

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