KREONS, Transform!

So, Kreo...
Now that the Micro Changers have hit in force, a lot of people are going back and clearing the shelves of the first two years of product to get many of the key characters in the Transformers mythos that were included with those first sets.

Over the next few days, I'll be taking a look at some KREO figures and giving you my customary storylines i.e. why I wind up hooked on most things.
I see KREO as a much less violent Transformers universe.
There's no millions of years in a volcano here. The Autobots come to Earth on the run from the Decepticons. There's no transforming in the beginning. KREONS are the same size as humans - another twist. The first crew of Autobots to hit the Earth are:
OPTIMUS PRIME, the leader of the Autobots.
SIDESWIPE, a warrior dedicated to Prime and prone to violence.
RATCHET, trusted medic.
BUMBLEBEE, the scout.
and JAZZ, cultural infiltration specialist.

Unfortunately, the leader of the Decepticons has followed them to Earth...


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