Saturday, February 9, 2013

Breakout from Space Jail!

 Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, stewed in Space Jail. He was unaware of where his warriors were, and the more time that he spent inside of this accursed place, the angrier he became.
Suddenly, there was an explosion! Through clouds of smoke, Megatron spied VORTEX, Decepticon interrogator. With him was KNOCK OUT, Decepticon mechanic. These two Decepticons would not have enough power to break him out...then Megatron spied DEVASTATOR, one of a series of three identical powerful and monstrous Decepticons. Vortex explained that he had convinced Devastator to save Megatron, and that they had brought him a prize. Knock Out gave Megatron a piece of DARK ENERGON, which upgraded him to a new KREON body with a sword hand.
They checked over as much of Space Jail as they could, but record found by BARRICADE, Decepticon scout/warrior, showed the other Decepticons had been smelted down for scrap.
Megatron vowed revenge! He destroyed Space Jail, and headed back to Earth.
Using techniques developed by Shockwave, Megatron developed robotic warrior bodies for himself, Knock Out, and Vortex. Devastator's KREON essence was too powerful for one body, so Knock Out developed a way to split Devastator into four component parts for his robotic bodies. These bodies later figured out how to combine into one mighty warrior.
Megatron learned that the ultimate Decepticon weapon had been brought to Earth thousands of years before, but was split into component parts. He sent his warriors on a quest for the parts, hoping to run into Optimus Prime again...

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Chris "Bah'glenn" Negri said...

I'm digging this story Doc, the whole thing is coming up aces. I often do little stories like this using the world I created for my "Toyin' Around RPG".

I had one instance where in the Ocean Zone which is the main body of water inside the Toy World (an imaginary pocket dimension created by wizard & scientist toys during the 1980's so animated toys would have a place to live & not constantly be put away by parents). There my little G1 Seaspray figure was the sole protector of these waters & did so for decades until Beast Wars Rampage arrived. He sunk a Playmobil pirate ship as a trap to lure Seaspray in, then almost crushed him in his mighty claws...but spared him so he could know the pain of being unable to ever stop him & threw him to shore. Years went by & Seaspray sulked knowing he was powerless to stop the transmetal crab. Suddenly, there came word of a NEW Seaspray toy coming out and he went to see his Inventor friend Storage Shell Donatello. 'Donnie', as he prefers to be called, had perfected a way to transfer a toy's essence from one toy body to another, so Seaspray wanted him to do this for him so he could fight Rampage. They looked online but were $5 short. Unable to get the money, Seaspray instructed Donnie to extract his essence, sell his empty toy body on eBay & use that money to purchase the new Seaspray toy. Donnie did as instructed & in 3 weeks Seaspray was re-born, now a voyager class transformer with energon harpoons, a scuba mode & the space to transport cargo or other toys. Since then, he's been gathering together other ocean-going Autobots to help combat Rampage & his group of 'Oceanicons'.

....So yes, I am in the same boat as you when it comes to buying toys to create stories.