Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Volcano of Cold!

When we last left the Glyans of Glyaxia, they had dispatched the Twin Shadows of Callgrim and made it to their destination.

Now, they must brave the cold volcano on their way to the secret Dimension Gate.

The Glyaxia team is comprised of some of the best Glyan soldiers and Neo Sincroids.

Special Scar Pheydens have been assigned to the squad. Their loyalty is beyond reproach to the Glyaxia tenets.

The Neo Sincroid known as The Archer stands at the ready to channel Flexion-powered bolts of power into his enemies through a unique Axis staff grafted into his arm.
Graduates of the Black Skull Squadron command the Glyaxia Glyans.
The team carries two Sincroids, two Scar Pheydens, and four Glyans when at full strength.
The other Neo Sincroid is known as TNT. He rarely carries his weapons in deployed mode - those who have seen his full glory have rarely survived the assault.

The Glyans prepare their Rig to brave the Dimension Gate and deliver their cargo...

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