Thursday, January 26, 2012

Metran Hill

Everything is a Glyos playset to me.


Anonymous said...

"The world looks mighty good to me, when Glyos Playsets are all I see; whatever it is I think, I see, becomes a Glyos playset to me!

Glyaxia Command's colors are yellow & blue, Glyos System toys I'm in love with you!

Whatever it is I think, I see becomes a Glyos Playset to me."

......Yes I'm quite tired and need sleep LoL.

But seriously folks, the scale of Glyos lends itself to lots of different toylines & thus includes their playsets. I have to bust out my Tower Of Doom playset or the BIG Playmobil Space Station I have again someday for my Glyans to hang out in, not that I have room to set these up mind you LoL.

Charlie said...

Masked crusaders, Working all the time, fighting crime, fighting crime!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh 1980's cartoon theme songs... they really did have very high production values for theme/intro songs back then. Now the cartoons just don't seem to come up to par.

Anonymous said...

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