Edgeliner today

In the Glyos storyline, Glyaxia has a spaceship HQ called the Edgeliner.

It might be a few years until Onell puts one out themselves, so for now, I use the USS Flagg as their ship.
Above, see a picture of the main deck. The Edgeliner is one of the central hubs of space, and is constantly busy. (the Glyos artwork shouldn't be there, I only noticed it after I took the pic)
The Edgeliner is piloted by the Admiral. He makes sure the ship does not come too close to any quasars or the deadly Edge of Space.

The Glyaxia Command team holds court in the main control room of the Edgeliner, always ready to teleport to safety. Enforcer Sarvos watches the command, ready to fight at any time. A Classified Sarvos waits his commands, while a Brute Enforcer Sarvos provides extra muscle.
The Command Team is receiving word from the Krome Sarvos, leader of a team of five Sarvos, and two Scar Pheydens who always seem to wind up in the center of galactic phenomenon...

In the rooms under the main deck of the Edgeliner, all manners of gaming and vice are available, for the right price. The Outer Space Men have been drafted into Glyaxia, and here they trade information with beings much smaller than them who are looking for "space bucks". A friendly Armodoc, tasked with protecting Krome Sarvos, itches to see his master again.

Rigs are stored in random places around the Edgeliner. Little do the guests know that the Rigs are always manned, ready to spring into action after the Renegade incident.
Any manner of being can be drafted into Glyaxia Command. Some even join of their own free will.


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