Sunday, November 13, 2011

How do you stop a Revolution?

With science!

Scar Pheyden has his team, which includes even the legendary Exellis.
And another Pheyden, along with two trusted Glyans.

The White Skull Team was actually one of the first to be presented with Axis technology to didn't always go so smoothly. View Manticore, one of the first to experience the Axis tech.
And his back.

But for every failure, there was a victory. Meet Torpedo.
For as quickly as White Skull was given Axis tech, his Neo Sincroids were delayed for maximum debugging. As such, special care was given to making them combat tough.

The Crimson version was given an expanded body and weaponry.

Where the Red version was given a more compact body for hand-to-hand combat.The White Skull Squadron takes the battle to the Gendrone invaders!
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