Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Crazy Steve

Yeah, it took me months, but I got the scans done of the original line art for RBT.
I'm posting it in a certain way for a certain reason. This scan has been one of my most prized possessions for RBT over the years, and I don't want to see it used anywhere else.

So, here you go.
IDEAL - and many other companies - would make this line art for use in newspapers and ads, so a newspaper/toy company could customize an ad in any way they desired, while maintaining the integrity of the product they were trying to sell.
Along those lines, I have a quote from one of the former marketing department personnel at Ideal/CBS toys, who provided me the scan of the RBT line art when I was maintaining an official Rocks and Bugs and Things website. His name is redacted, per his request.

"I came across some of my old portfolio material recently and made a mental note to look
through it for some R&B&T material. I found something (attached) a bit off
the beaten path. It's the R&B&T page from what is called a "Line Art" book.
Toy manufacturers used to put them out in the days before desktop
publishing. They're a book of ad slicks that small retailers can use to put
together their own newspaper ads. They include hand-drawn line art of the
product, along with suggested copy, logos, and even price numerals that the
retailer could cut and paste.

This line art page is from the 1985 Ideal Toy Line Art book,"

I wish I was still in touch with this individual so we could see the Robo Force pages for that year. The unproduced figures have to be there, maybe even Nazgar and the vehicles.
That catalog will pop up one day.

The real pics that they had of Tiltor in the ads...I have nothing to explain that. Yet.

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