Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun with the OSM - part 5! The end of OSM Fun Days - for now...

The OSM aren't taking any guff from new fangled sci-fi "legends". Or armored wannabe heroes.

I've been working on a new shelf in my room to display all of my 3 3/4 figures. This is the (partial) heroic side of the display.

One of my favorite color swaps, the Zodiac shown here in the OSM mobile base rig.

Another Zodiac.
As you can probably tell by the amount of pics I took of him, Astro-Nautilus is my favorite of the existing OSM.
In the storyline that I imagine for these characters, the OSM are given greater strengths when they are tasked by Galaxia Command with bringing in the renegade Metamorpho, who has been destabilized mentally by the trip through the Edge of Space.
Astro-Nautilus is given phase armor that allows him to create and control energy tentacles. Vents on the front of the armor allow him to issue energy blasts to deal with threats in front of him - ones that get past his Master Trident (the chrome one) or his energy Tridents.

Another view of the menagerie inhabiting the OSM base.
Can you identify the strange characters shown here?

Another Nautilus.
Another view of the Glyaxia Nautilus.
And, how did the OSM get to the Glyos Universe?
The Infinity Edition OSM are available through Store exclusively, so head over there and get a set today! The Holiday editions are also still available, if you love the clear editions. Look for more OSM to be on sale soon!

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