Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun with non-Glyos stuff!

In my shelving displays, I have moved to a display pattern where all of the five-inch toys are one universe. I call it the "Kennerverse" personally, since many of my favorite lines in this scale are from Kenner. This is the display of the "League of Kenner Gentlemen" and their city.
Little do they know that their ultimate opponent is about to reveal itself.

I got some Silverhawks. Check 'em out.
Robo Force and Power Lords have been exploring my headspace recently, in a good way.
The Command Patroller is MASSIVE.
Here is the Power Lords shelf. Will you ever see another site with all four Beast Machines? Probably not.
A fun pic of a Glyanaut hitching a classy ride on a dinosaur with guns.
The heroic forces of Starcom, currently. The remaining pieces are so damn expensive, it may be a while before more are added.

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