Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blasts from the Past! And the Once and Future Base.

Sorry for the non-update status - been working on a few things. Check out for more details on that...

But on the toy front - Food Fighters!

I was cleaning out the old pictures on my computer and found this one.
One, quality of pixels has really increased since 99-2001!
Two, I can almost figure out when this is because you can see the five Euro-only variants at the bottom of the pic, but no Combat Carton (obtained that after the Euro guys).
Food Fighters was a great line - shame that the Fridge never saw production.

Also found this pic. Of a long-sold base for a fun, non-US line of cybernetic heroes from the 70s...
But it is returning. I guarantee a full review when it does.

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