Friday, February 25, 2011

New friends! Old friends! Missed allies.

Hey peeps,

check out this site I found, The Redwood Connection!
They feature classic toys and video games - helped me out with some information and you should check them out!

Also, I don't know if he is actively updating any more, but for a quick primer on Zeroids, Major Matt Mason, and also my beloved classic Shogun Warriors, check out

Hell, while I am playing Fun With Links 2011, I wish that my old buddy Duke Nostalgia would come back to active updating. I miss his writing style and wit - and the coverage! His was the first site I ever saw with info on the unproduced Kenner Centurions: Power Extreme items.

I'm not sure how I went this long without telling you to check them out, but also jump over and see the Four Horsemen at their official site. As of this writing, you can get tons of information on their new Gothtropolis Scarabus figure.

Do you like video games? how about Super Mario Bros? You know what would be awesome? If someone modified SMB to put other characters in there. And if they added Blaster Master to the game, that would be awesome. WELL GUESS WHAT? Some genius dude DID IT. Check out Super Mario Brothers Crossover. I have never loved the Mario game so much as when I can play as Blaster Master.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TOYPOCALYPSE COVERAGE. Preternia Rising. Shelves. New Dino Riders?

I am pretty busy the next few days, so here is a wealth of content to keep you occupied.

I have really been enjoying the Masters of the Universe Classics line from Mattel.

One of my favorite segments is Preternia - Eternia before the time of Skeletor and He-Man.
Mattel has done a great job filling in the blanks of this time period, which was barely touched upon in the original Masters line. You can see He-Ro, Tytus, King Greyskull, He-Man in a special disguise, and a number of King Greyskull's allies against the Horde and Snakemen.

Since it might take us five or six years to get the entire Horde, I filled them out using a basic idea: what if the DC Universe was destroyed in a great Disaster of some kind, and it bled over into the Masters universe? Since the Fourth World was supposed to exist outside of the normal DC Earth realm anyway, it was not much of a stretch to think of a storyline where Horde Supreme kicked Darkseid's ass and made his warriors serve under Hordak. Desaad is hiding out inside the Fright Zone, and Annihilus is the only Marvel Legend I have, so he joined the Horde too.

Toy Fair was last week, and I was lucky enough to go. As I work on my full coverage for October Toys, enjoy a tidbit here: Imaginext is doing "Dino Riders"!
Here is a shot of the reused Space Suit from the Space Theme. Now DINO-IZED!
(forgive my punny names for these guys - there was no indication of what the actual name of this Imaginext subsection will be)
Cyber Rex! Has motorized action. His head moves and he thrashes around. My personal guess was that the red guys were evil, green were good. The evil guys were evilly grinning as I took these pics...
Wait for it...Turbodactyl!
Gigantisaur! (this is pretty easy!)
Oh fudge.
Bionatops. Anylyotron? And how bout...Robo Raptor? I think that was a Lego set...Shreddatron? YEAH!

The Four Horsemen were subject to a retrospective that was held during Toy Fair. They were kind enough to bring some prototypes of upcoming figures...
OH YEAH! Alpha-7 and Electron+. Two members closer to the full OSM, which would complete a dream I have had since the early 90s. DAMN YOU TOMARTS!!!!!
And the revised sculpts for Commander Comet and Mystron. Looking good! It should be noted that the helmets aren't ready for these guys, and perhaps there will be a surprise or two included with some of these figures...
Rolling Thunder Prime! Not worth the $90. Plastic isn't right. The transformation is overly difficult - not challenging, but difficult in the way that I thought I was going to break the damn thing every two poorly-illustrated steps.

And to wrap it up - two random shelf pics showing some new acquisitions.
Cobra base from Starriors!
A Zeroid and his offspring? (pinky goes to mouth evilly)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarabus - the newest member of Gothtropolis

During the recent Toy Fair that was held in New York City, a retrospective was held celebrating the work of the Four Horsemen, preeminent toy sculptors and creators on lines from McFarlane, Mattel lines since Harry Potter, the rebirth of the Outer Space Men, and their own in-house properties such as the Seventh Kingdom and MAGMA Corps.

As part of the celebration, a preview release of their newest creation for Gothtropolis, SCARABUS, was available. Two versions were available -Light Talisman and Dark Talisman versions.
Today, I will be looking at the Light Talisman version.

The deco on this figure really pops. I get a nice Force Commander-vibe from the colors, but the sculpt couldn't be further from the stone-age Micronauts detailing.
Check out the detailing on this guy - you need to have this figure in your collection!
Scarabus has a long and detailed story that is quite interesting to read, and that you can check out for yourself by buying the figure at Store Horsemen! Pick up Dark Talisman version while there also!
Did you think I would spoil the story?

One aspect I didn't get into with the pics is the multitude of options for making Scarabus unique, even if you have a couple of versions of him. The face is interchangeable, giving you more (or less) demonic-looking options. He has a few battle options - a staff with multiple attachments, or conjured fire that fits over his hands perfectly. He also includes swappable hands to hold the staff or to have more threatening fists. He is well articulated, as you would expect from the Horsemen, and still holding a nice pose after a bunch of play.

Check out the official site of the Horsemen for more product shots and information on other versions of Scarabus - and his minions - coming soon. And while you are checking out the store for Scarabus, why not pick up a set of the Outer Space Men? The Infinity Versions are available now, and make a great compliment to your Glyos (or 3 3/4) action figure collection.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The RBT Army

Enjoy. No Photoshop in this pic, although it dates back to probably 1999-2001.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm internetually famous! and RBT info, continued

Check me out in this video on!
I was at Toy Fair, and I appear in the background of this video around 14 minutes in. Or something. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, as I process my exclusive Toy Fair coverage, enjoy this information about one of the main characters of Rocks and Bugs and Things, Blooderfly.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A visitor from another time, another place...

What can I really say about this guy?

From information at one of my favorite sites, (check it out!), the Zeroids were "incredible workers from Planet Zero!" Later, they were rehashed into the Star Team, coincidentally around the time that there was some massively popular movie about space and such. The figure above is from the Star Team. Now his name is just Zeroid, and his head has a dome. A dome-headed robot? Can't imagine where else I saw that in the 70's...

Fun fact: the planet that the Robo Force (of Maxx Steele fame) lives on is called Zeton.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cappy, meet Coptor

Since everyone loves Robo Coptor! He is a stand-up comedian, and an acrobat with his head propellor!
(seriously. These guys include a mini-comic that has to be read to be believed)

And a scale pic of him with some Glyos favorites.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New fun!

One of the most dangerous things about talking to Matt Doughty, the master of the Glyos universe, is that he gets you thinking about things that you never collected, and helps you to see the patterns between different items.

One line I never collected as a kid - or previously - is Starcom.
In general, I don't remember seeing them for sale much, but as they hit during the prime years of Gi Joe, Transformers, Super Powers, etc, they had an uphill battle to get attention. I think that only one friend of mine had any, and then, it might only have been one or two pieces.
Who's driving that vehicle?

The storyline has something to do with the Earth, a war that takes place in space or something (I'm just starting to watch the show)...and the figures are pretty small compared to Joe. But there was something that I was told that made me give them a second look...

There is potential that the new smaller-scale Glyos figures will be right at home in these vehicles. At the very least, the hand-cast versions are. I received a few of the vehicles in the mail this past weekend, and had some fun giving Rechlen a ride.

Another strange 80's toyline was Robo Force.

I had maybe three of these guys as a kid, picked up from a garage sale. They didn't make sense to me then - why would you make this type of robot when you could make a Transformer? But it is only in more recent times that the pieces come together, and the realization takes over that Robo Force is actually the update to the Zeroids toys from the 1960s.
With that in mind, I have been picking up a figure here and there. The series isn't super expensive, and I can appreciate the designs a lot more now than I could then.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Renegades on a Mission!

The Renegades have hijacked a space vehicle to infiltrate the Edgeliner containing the heads of Glyaxia Command and rescue their leader, the Prime Renegade.

This will be a bloody affair...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An open letter to Revell, circa 1984

Dear Revell,

although you can never see this letter in the right time period until time travel is invented, I wanted to say that if you ever make action figures again, please do not use model quality plastic on the toys. Thanks, John Kent.

I've been doing some work with Power Lords because I like the designs, and also for another project you'll be hearing more about soon. Power Lords is a quintessential line from the 80s of just crazy nightmarish sci-fi concepts, surely cooked up by an executive who wanted to get some Star Wars cash, mixed with a scale closer to MOTU. (One of my grand ideas is that every toyline is a copy or inspired by something else - again, watch this space for details on that) Instead of Luke Skywalker you have Adam Power, the amnesiac Lord of Power from a faraway planet who was stowed on Earth during a coup that occurred on his home planet. But he is no generic pretty-boy - through a crystal embedded in his skull and hidden when in human disguise, he can tap into the powers of the universe and become a member of the "Power Caste", gaining energy powers, enhanced strength, telekinesis, and possibly other powers. His protector is Lady Shaya, another member of the Power Caste with incredible powers over heat.
The villains of the line are truly nightmarish - Arkus, insectoid would-be Dictator of the Universe and his cronies. I'll be doing a full write-up on the line soon, but todays post concerns the problem with Power Lords to a collector today: THEY ARE TOO FRAGILE FOR WORDS.

Ah, turns out I had a group shot sans Thrash on my comp - check 'em:

In a scenario all too common to the collector of classic toys, the first series was available in decent numbers, and everything else was produced in just enough of a quantity to cause headaches when searching for them. This mainly happened because the concepts didn't take off as the makers intended. Power Lords was just too out there for audiences of the 80s. Many of the designs had been created by Wayne Barlowe, famed illustrator of demons and aliens, giving this line a pedigree few lines could touch. But a sub-series of the line, called the Beast Machines, was designed by Pasquale Gabriele, according to drawings from his Myspace page and corroborating info from other sources.

The Beast Machines consisted of four figures: heroic ally to Adam Power, Savor, and three villains: Evol, Thrash, and Warbot. In my search for Power Lords items, it was inevitable that I try to get these items. The first one to arrive at my house was Savor. Next was Evol. I obtained both of these loose and incomplete, because the parts are very difficult to get. I saw a deal for a MISB Thrash (for the less informed, MISB = mint toy in sealed box, mint because no one has ever seen it because the box has never been opened) and I had to take it.
So the box arrived today.
MUH HAH HAH! said the Whammy.
BLAM! For those who don't know, the above part is massively and completely broken. As was...
Savor when he arrived at my place.

Now you understand the first lines of this post. Collecting Power Lords is an exercise in frustration. Add to the equation this:
(whammy noise and laughter)
Look closely at his left hand. You can see that I have scotch taped it of his gimmicks is an interchangeable hand. Well, when I tried to put it together, it shattered into four pieces. (when I told Doughty, the sadistic Glyos master told me "Yeah, I should have told you that he is fragile." Thus the circle of pain continues.)
So what is a collector to do in the face of this type of problem? Get out the glue!
I glued the guys together, and now Savor can battle Thrash on the shelves in the Kent toy room until such time as their battle ends - or they are sold to another collector.

My great hope is that another company can somehow pick up this licensed and make these characters live again in a more durable plastic.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Destruction of Time

Forever it had been the province of the one standing on the shores of the ruined coastline to protect his city, but now it had come to this. Destruction. Fire rained from the skies. Water boiled. Time had caught up with him at last. His brother had predicted it, in the way that was his gift. "The end will not come in the way we have always thought," he said once, waking from the prophetic dream that gave him his strength. "It won't be a person. It looks like..." This, he thought. Exactly this. He turned back, light glinting on what remained of the red lens in his shattered face. Not his face, something on his face...thinking was more difficult now. The assault had been the grandest trick of them all. No supervillain to fight. Global destruction occurring around him, the final chance they had to stop it lost in a blaze of power cause by the cracking of the planet. He'd watched them die for the third time in his life; after the second, he promised himself that it would not happen again. But he was wrong. This was the true end of his entire world, and his friends were gone, his family gone, and everything gone.
It had been seventeen years. Seventeen. Perhaps that was enough. But if his brother had still been there, at his side, he knew that a disagreement would be imminent. The internal argument hurt his mind. He felt powerless, both in physical strength, metaphysical ability, and mentally. The stunt at the ridge had drained him. Without his face...the mask...he would most likely be dead. Why now? Where was this coming from? Was it the way of things to always end? Perhaps.
At least there had been rainbows, and animals and love and delicious things to eat.
There was pain in his chest. It felt like time to give up. The sky itself cracked open, reminding him of the last time he had seen that happen. No glowing eyes greeted him this time, just the failure of the sky to continue to exist in the same form as it always had. Blue darkened, fading. Electricity crackled, dust moved. THIS WAS UNFAIR. Could this happen to him, he who manipulated the quantum bonds of this place like some type of mythical entity? Hadn't he sacrificed enough? But his body was failing - his memory could not obtain the details. One eye was dead inside his skull, unmoving. The other looked up, saw sealife surfacing already in the grip of death.
Buried deep inside was the anger, the great anger that he had felt on that day when he watched his first love die, the day when his friends died, and many other days. It surged over him, giving him temporary strength and clearing his mind, allowing the memories to flood him. This could not be the end. The great question was before him. How do you stop the end of the world?

And that was the answer. No battle to fight. Only a will to survive. He let the anger die down, calling upon his once-great intellect to think clearly. Death was not actually a place of darkness, or a greeting place of dead famous beings. It was nothingness. Once, he had come close, suffering a mortal wound. But the mask...and that was his answer. ONCE, and only once before, he had pulled off a major stunt with his powers, allowing the energies of the universe to flow through him, a living quantum gate to destroy what he thought was the ultimate evil. Around him, he saw the landscape coming apart as gravity itself was destroyed. His mind was starting to go again as his physical body failed. Was it localized to his planet, or the whole galaxy? There would be no point escaping the planet to be destroyed in space.
Time was short. There might only be minutes left, or seconds. He remembered back to that previous time, concentrated on the power. His hand flashed into energy in the standard expression of his strength. The spot of his former city disappeared into the ground, leaving nothing to witness that it had ever existed. Corporeal form snapped from reality, leaving only the mask with a vague energy shape in the form of a man. Cosmic senses took hold, atoms bonded together even through the destruction. There was forever.
The energy snapped into the mask, leaving only the silver piece of metal hanging in the ruined sky. It blasted into the atmosphere, piercing the fire and the clouds and the end of the planet. The metal was destroyed, misshapen by the journey. He had one last thought. Let me see them all again. Let this work. This cannot be the end...

The metal zoomed through space, no longer part of a man. Behind it, a planet quietly fell apart in the stars. It was a misshapen lump, the sentient who once commanded it burned away. The metal stopped, motionless in space. Around it, the stars began to flicker, destroyed. The energy that had once been a man flared up, engulfing the metal. Memory? In a blaze of power, it began to move at incredible speed, pieces of the metal burning away as the velocity increased. It blasted through the waves of destruction, gaining ever more velocity. Time and space distorted - from the metal or the destruction? A tear appeared, by provenance or intentional could not be said as no one was there to speak. Time and space rended before it. The metal slammed into the tear, energy quickly sealing the rift behind it.

The universe died. White calm replaced endless chaos. Nothingness. Then they came through the bonds of reality (such as it was currently), eyes dark with curiosity, a ring of color surrounding the darkness. Another dead universe. A large snout sniffed the space in front of the creature. A trail. Teeth bared over a thin pink lower lip, a row of daggers line one after another. Vocalizing the intentions, they tore through the nothingness, following the trail.

In the dingiest of hellholes, secreted on planet Metran, the three-eyed Slaurian awoke from his slumber. His forked tongue slithered out over his leathery mouth, a common occurrence as he gained consciousness again. Perhaps today would be a better day. He opened the blinds to his dwelling, his circular jade eyes becoming accustomed to the light outside his place. A tarp covered over something that had died in the streets outside his place. This was life in the big city? Light caught his eyes. It glittered from underneath the tarp, only viewable when a transport or wheeled vehicle kicked up wind enough to do so.
Braccane walked from his dwelling, his eyes firmly locked on the hidden object. Perhaps today would be a better day after all.