Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wreck and Rule!

It was not as if one day there were Chaos everywhere. They had always been there, working and toiling in the Glyos system. Some of them were military units, but there were military Travelers, Sincroids, Buildmen...the stories of the legendary berzerker "Formanchie Squad" were certainly no worse than the bloodbaths perpetrated by the King Crayboth on Nova Six.

But one unit of Chaos stood out from the others: the eight member Wrecker Command.

Comprised of five standard Chaos, one beast Chaos, a Govuromoid, and a Sincroid, the Wreckers were a last-ditch option to stop universal collapse. When the Gendrone uprising of 2XXX threatened the Metran government on D'Makk, the Wreckers were sent in and they accomplished their mission completely and succinctly. Fame accompanied them in their lives - such as you could call their existence 'lives'. The Metran Commanders kept the Wreckers a secret to the populace - but not to other governments and insurgents. The public face of the Metrans was Metran Pheyden and his Metras Legion; the Wreckers were the secret hammer dropped on problems that needed a blunter handling.

But there was something that the Metrans did not know about their Chaos soldiers. The event that had created the Chaos and Govuromoids was a flawed one, in some cases. The Wreckers were corrupt from day one. Their inner darkness finally came to a head during what should have been a routine rescue mission. The Sincroid, the only native to the Glyos universe, found the lead Chaos Wrecker Commander killing the hostages; he did not do so because the Metrans had wished it - but because HE wished it. The battle was on. The Sincroid killed one of the Chaos members before barely escaping with his mechanicals intact. Not that it mattered; with a corrupted Noboto sincroid, the Chaos was resurrected in a mix of chemicals, electricity, and arcane science.

Now, the "Rebel Wrecker" runs from the Wreckers, as the Wreckers blaze their own path in the universe. Little do they realize how much of a key they will in the CHAOS INVASION...

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