Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phanost in Destroyator Armor

One of the great Glyos concepts is that you can build it any way you like it, with whatever story you see fit.

I had a really sweet purple Phanost head from a recent Custom Corps that had no body, which I immediately saw a home for with the release of the Buildmen.

In my take on the storyline, the Destroyator Buildmen are Old War technology that should have been completely destroyed. However, seven pieces of this technology survived, one of which is the suit that allows the wearer to control the remaining six Destroyator modules.
Phanost, in his insane quest for power to destroy the "Glyans" (who may or may not be figments of his imagination), finds the suit and rampages through the Glyos universe, begging for someone to stop him once and for all. Enter Matrix Pheyden...

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