New Customizer - Miss Fox!

I've had Glyos figures around my house for a long while now, and from time to time, I've customized some. And now, my wife has wound up customizing a few figures...

Meet Slinger Pheyden.

I had assembled a body during a weekend-long, snowed-in Glyos building fest, but just didn't feel any of the heads were working for it. I gave her the body and a Scar head, and she came up with this. The orange is intentionally splotchy - this Pheyden has been out in the wastelands for a long time, his skin cracked by the sun of the planet on which he drifts. I especially like the two-tone effect on the head.

Here is her take on some Crayboth.

But what she really wanted to do was sculpt up a figure....
Here is a work in progress pic of her vision for a Glyos character.

More to come.


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